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For Entrepreneur, I write about all topics that can help entrepreneurs and small business owners up their game to become stronger leaders in their industries.


For Business, I write about a variety of business topics that interest me or are relevant to my field, like small business tips or how to become a full-time writer.


At the Huffinton Post, I write about issues relating to small business ownership, including tips on how to become a better manager or how to improve your marketing.


At the Search Engine Journal, I write tips and for how to optimize your website. These range from the broad, like basics of online marketing strategy, to specific, like improving a site’s loading speed.


For Social Media Week, I write about the best way to get the most out of your social media strategies. I give tips about how to increase your reach and save your money.


For, I write about all things technology—from how it applies to business, your personal data, or even my favorite TV shows.